Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies

CA (Dr.) PC Tulsian And CA Bharat Tulsian



  • Presentation of Share Capital in the Balance Sheet As per Schedule III
  • Presentation of Debentures Issued as a Collateral Security As per Schedule III
  • Over 15 Important Distinctions
  • Over 115 Exhibits
  • Over 390 Illustrations
  • Over 35 Comprehensive Revisional
  • Important Points to Remember In each Chapter to Revise regularly
  • Over 400 CBSE Very Short Answer CBSE Questions
  • Over 400 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Over 410 Practical Questions
  • Over 225 CBSE Short Answer Practical Question
  • Over 90 CBSE Long Answer Practical Questions
  • CBSE SAMPLE PAPER With Full Suggested Answer and Marking Scheme

1. Accounting for Partnership Firms— Fundamentals
2. Reconstitution of Partnership — Change in Profit Sharing Ratio
3. Reconstitution of Partnership — Admission of a Partner
4. Reconstitution of Partnership — Retirement/Death of a Partner
5. Dissolution of a Partnership Firm
6. Accounting for Share Capital
7. Issue of Debentures
8. Redemption of Debentures
APPENDIX–A Value-based Questions (As Per CBSE Guidelines)
APPENDIX–B Questions Involving Application,Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS),
Evaluation & Multidisciplinary
APPENDIX–C CBSE Sample Question Paper