Refund and cancellation Policy

The fees once paid to purchase any Test Series or a combo will not be refunded under any circumstances in case payments have been successfully completed.
However, automatic refund will be made for transactions which are not successful, as per the guidelines/timelines prescribed by RBI/Government. The person / entity initiating the transaction is always solely responsible while claiming a refund from the Banks and the Payment Gateways. Website owner could never be held responsible for any kind of unsuccessful transactions. Automatic refund, if initiated, will be processed in the original mode of payment presuming all transactions are done in Indian Rupees (INR).
In case of a server failure or technical error during a transaction, website owner may confirm whether a payment has been received or not.
You as a customer can cancel your order anytime till the time your Test Series is added and stored in cart. However, when the user clicks “Proceed to Checkout”, fills necessary login details, and places an order by making all necessary online payments through the payment gateway, then the purchase order will be confirmed and can’t be cancelled in case the transaction is successful.

Shipping and Return Policy

Once the order and payment for purchase of any Test Series is completed, the Test Series will be instantly accessible to the person initiating the transaction, subject to email verification of each user.
Using accurate and valid login details used to register, the user can readily access the Test Series he/she has purchased.
There is no Return Policy. Please note that given Tulsian’s Test Series is an online product, it will be accessible immediately after receipt of order i.e. successful online payment.

It may be noted that Website owner are not engaged in direct sale of any of the paper books from the website or any of its affiliates. Only relevant third-party web URLs are provided for each of the book displayed on the website. No Refund, cancellation or Shipping Policy stated above will be applicable to these books displayed on the website. Only Third-party terms and conditions will be applicable for sale of those books. Website owners have no responsibility whatsoever regarding sale of these books.