Business Organisation And Management

For B.Com, M.Com, BBA and MBA
CA (Dr.) PC Tulsian And CA Vishal Pandey


  • The subject is presented in a self-explanatory manner so that even self-taught students may not feel any difficulty in understanding it.
  • The matter is so presented that it serves as a tutor at home for all the students.
  • Almost all the possible patterns of questions are included in this book.
  • Questions have been set at different levels of difficulty (i.e., easy, average and difficult levels) which are included for an easy and quick grasp of the subject.
  • Questions have been put in a logical sequence.

1. Nature and Purpose of Business
2. Structure of Business
3. Social Responsibility of Business & Business Ethics
4. Factors to be considered for Starting Business
5. Forms & Formation of Business Enterprises
6. Public Enterprises
7. Formation of a Company
8. Small Scale Business in India
9. Insurance
10. Channels of Distributions
11. Internal Trade
12. External Trade
13. Advertising and Salesmanship
14. Financial Planning and Capital Structure
15. Sources of Business Finance
16. Nature and Significance of Management
17. Principles of Management
18. Planning
19. Organising
20. Staffing
21. Directing— Supervision
22. Directing— Motivation
23. Directing — Leadership
24. Directing— Communication
25. Controlling