Quantitative Techniques

For CA Final
CA (Dr.) PC Tulsian And CA Vishal Pandey


  • Each chapter is organized under three headings: Basic Theory, Solved Problems, Theoretical Questions and Practical Questions.
  • Basic Theory covers theory in brief and lists important formulae.
  • Numerous exhibits and tables are provided to give a clear view of the subject.
  • The steps to solve problems are highlighted, and impart necessary skills to solve different problems.
  • The examples are carefully graded and many are based on questions asked in university and professional
  • examinations.
  • The problems are solved in step-wise manner

1. Linear Programming Formulation
2. Linear Programming-Graphical Method
3. Linear Programming-Simplex Method
4. Assignment Problems
5. Transportation Problems
6. Critical Path Method–Drawing Network
8. Crashing, Resource and Something
9. Queueing Theory
10. Statistical Decision Theory
11. Simulation
12. Decision Tree