Quick Revision Book for Principles and Practice Of Accounting

For CA Foundation
CA (Dr.) PC Tulsian And CA Bharat Tulsian



  • Over 500 True and False Questions
  • Over 40 Important Distinctions
  • Over 50 Important Short Notes
  • Over 250 Fully Solved Practical Questions
  • Fully Solved Revision Test Paper
  • 2 Fully Solved Tulsian’s Model Test Papers
  • Recent CA Foundation Examination Papers

Section 1: Tulsian’s Fully Solved Scanner for Theoretical Questions
1. True & False Questions
2. Important Distinctions
3. Important Short Notes
Section 2: Tulsian’s Fully Solved Scanner for Practical Questions
1.Errors and Their Rectification
2.Bank Reconciliation Statement
3.Valuation of Inventory
4.Accounting for Depreciation
5.Accounting for Bills of Exchange
6.Goods Sent on Approval or on Sale or Return Basis
7.Accounting for Consignment
8.Accounting for Joint Venture
9.Accounting for Royalty
10.Average Due Date
11.Account Current
12.Financial Statements
13.Accounting for Partnership Firms — Fundamentals
14.Reconstitution of Partnership — Change in Profit Sharing Ratio
15.Reconstitution of Partnership — Admission of a Partner
16.Reconstitution of Partnership-Retirement/Death of a Partner
17.Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organisations
18.Accounting for Share Capital
19.Issue of Debentures
20.Financial Statements of a Company
21.Ratio Analysis
Section 3: Tulsian’s Revision Test Paper with answers
Section 4: Tulsian’s Model Test Papers with answers
Tulsian’s Model Test Paper 1
Tulsian’s Model Test Paper 2
Section 5: CA FOUNDATION Examination Papers